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Gold Spot

Product Information

Wealth Exchange spot Gold is useable by a wide range of market participants to execute hedging, arbitrage and other investing strategies. It also has the following important characteristics, designed to meet the needs of a marketplace lacking an international prove settling mechanism.

  1. Secure physical delivery in Nepal meeting international standards. (Physical delivery is an option at present market)
  2. Trading execution on an advanced and robust electronic platform.
  3. Trustable clearing facility.
  4. Extended day trading hours.
  5. Contract specifications tailored to market participants in Nepal.

Gold is one of the worlds most important and actively traded commodities. Demand for the gold is driven by three main factors : the Jewellery market and financial investment. In addition, Gold is relatively unique as it is used both as a commodity and a monetary assets.

Although Gold has a long trading history in the Nepal, the majority of the price formation of the Gold is today concentrated in theNorth American and European markets. The recent introduction of gold futures trading in Asia has tapped into latent trading demand primarily driven by strong economic development in China and India.

Nepal is historically imports Gold and has a natural geographical advantage. Nepal's financial infrastructure ensures access to leading market participants and deep regional pools of liquidity.

But without a regional benchmark, true price discovery for gold is either confined to the local domestic market. Domestic markets generally restrict foreign participation and often subject it to adverse currency restrictions or tax treatment. Meanwhile, global benchmark pricing from the western hemisphere provides imperfect hedging for Nepal's trading community.

Wealth Exchange is well positioned to address the demand of Nepal's trading community for the establishment of a gold spot & future contract as the regional benchmark.

Contract Specifications

The delivery unit of gold is 1 kilogram (32.151 troy ounces), no less than .995 fineness, cast in one-kilogram bar, and bearing a serial number and identifying stamp of a refiner approved.

Silver Spot

Product Information

Silver has been widely used for centuries as coinage and, due to its economic value is often used by investors as an inflationary hedge. It is second only to gold as a precious metal.

Today, silver has wide industrial applications – especially in electronics – owing to its exceptionally high thermal and electrical conductivity. It is the metal of choice for electrical contacts and conductors, mirrors and as a catalyst in chemical processing.

Trading in silver occurs in cash markets and derivative markets through futures & spot contracts. Silver futures & spot are standardized contracts that allow traders to participate in the price movements of silver. Wealth Exchange Silver Spot Contract trades with the option for physical delivery in Nepal.

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