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Corporate Governance
At Wealth Exchange, we are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and recognize that good governance is pivotal in helping the business to deliver its strategies whilst generating sustainable shareholder value and meeting it's obligation towards shareholders and other stakeholders. As an essential part of this commitment, we operate within a well defined Governance Structure and embed Governance Principles and Practices in the business which have been established upon the four comers tones of accountability, transparency, fairness and integrity.

Wealth Exchange as a recognized exchange has both public responsibilities and corporate responsibilities. We recognize that our long term success and responsibilities are linked inextricably. As a corporation, we adhere to the best corporate governance practices by adopting and complying fully with the established rules, codes, guidelines and recommendations in order to safeguard the best interests of our shareholders and stakeholders. As a frontline regulator, we have the prime role in enhancing corporate governance, through the maintenance of an orderly informed and fair market, so as to sustain our status as a leading spot commodity exchange.

In addition, Wealth Exchange is governed by its Core Values which shape our corporate culture, guide us in making decisions and conducting business, provide the foundation for our approach to sound corporate governance, and also support our drive towards fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.

We also count on the community's support and partnership in advocating excellence in corporate governance. Hence, we appeal to all other market players for joining us in contributing to the upgrading to our market quality by practicing good corporate governance not only for corporate growth but also for the prosperity of commodity market in Nepal.
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